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Environment and Energy

© Luminis | Dreamstime.comAs Christian Democrats, we cherish the value of the environment and are committed to protection of the environment, as well as maintaining its versatility and functions for the coming generations. People have the right to earn a living by reasonably utilizing natural resources but they need to protect nature and the environment. Economy needs to be suited to the limits set by nature and the principles of durable development need to be applied.

We expect of ourselves and other consumers the kind of consumption of energy and materials that is aware of the responsibility and the environmental impact. Legislation needs to influence decisions and environmental taxation needs to favor nature friendly choices. Environmental impact needs to be taken into cosiderations when calculating the GNP.

Finland needs to be active in preventing climate change, the goal being slowing down the temperature rise as much as possible. In energy economy, the focus needs to be in energy savings and renewable Finnish forms of energy.

The EU needs to be a forerunner in preventing climate change and needs to make every effort to get USA, India, China and the developing countries to take part in cutting greenhouse gases and depletion of forests through the new climate treaty. A total of 10% of Finnish species are endangered. The empoverishment of the versatility of nature needs to be stopped by the year 2010.

For this reason:

• The emissions trade problems need to be solved in the new climate treaty.

• Because of the extremely critical condition of the Baltic Sea, prompt and joint action needs to be taken by the countries surrounding it.

• The best methods need to be studied for the restoration of inland waters that have become eutrophic. Considerably more resources need to be allocated to restoring rivers and lakes.

According to estimates, the energy consumption of our country will continue to increase. Climate change and the terms of the Kyoto Treaty make it nearly impossible to increase energy production using fossil fuels. Together with the European Union, Finland needs to transition into the use of nature preserving technologies and energy forms, and realize the emissions limits required by the Kyoto Treaty.

EU needs to be a forerunner in preventing climate change and make every effort to get USA, India and China to take part in cutting greenhouse gases through the new climate treaty. Together we need to invest in improving the safety of and renewing the problematic nuclear power plants in the Eastern Europe.

Our goal is an energy system that minimizes the load on the environment and ensures durable energy production. Research and development are key in this. Environmentally friendly technologies have a good chance of increasing our exports since the international environmental requirements get stricter. We need strong commitment to energy saving and renewable Finnish energies.

In our opinion:

• The share of fuels for traffic, made of renewable raw materials needs to be increased. There is no hurry to start using field farming plants for traffic biofuel production in Finland, but rather start implemeting the organic matter gassing method in connection with pulp and paper plants and power plants, developed by the VTT.

• Within the election term, our goal is to establish 1,000 biogas plants connected to cowsheds and pig farms in Finland.

• Solid waste incineration plants need to be established in the vicinity of the largest cities.

• Within the election term 2007 - 20011, a total of 1,000 wood chips or wood chips plus turf incineration plants for heating large real estates. Over 100 heat and electricity plants of 10 - 20 MW using wood chips or wood pellets (with turf as additional fuel) need to be established in the countryside population centres. Small electricity producers need to be ensured access to the grid.

• In residential housing, renovation and investment subsidies need to be used to further the use of air and ground source heating pumps, heat exchanger, solar energy solutions and replacing oil and electric heating with pellets, as well as further wood construction.

• Finland needs to export bioenergy knowhow and help produce biofuel in places where there is ample sunlight and better farming conditions. The developing countries need support in building wind and solar energy plants and plants using other renewable energy sources. Stopping forest depletion and climate change needs to be connected to all development aid programs.

• Recycling needs to be made more effective and waste amounts cut.

• The mining law needs to be renewed to ensure the value of nature and the citizens' environmental rights.